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How to install a Mill-Turn machine environment

Updated: May 8


A Mastercam Mill-Turn environment needs to be installed on a user’s system.


Mastercam includes some generic Mill-Turn machines with the base installation. All other machines environments need to be installed into the user’s shared Mastercam directory.


To install Mill-Turn machine environments, the .machine files need to be copied to the Mill Turn\machine folder in the Mastercam Shared directory. The default location of this folder is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Mastercam 20XX\Mill Turn\machines.

After the .machine files have been copied to the proper location, they will need to be added to the Mill-Turn machine drop down list in Mastercam. To complete this process, go to the machine tab, select Mill-Turn, and choose Manage List.

On the Machine Definition Menu Management page, choose the machine file from the left-hand column, click Add, and the machine will move to the column on the right. Click the green check to exit this dialog once all the machines needed have been added to the list.

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