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The pre-release version expires in XX days displays when launching Mastercam 2024


When launching the Mastercam 2024, a warning appears telling the user that the pre-release version expires in XX days. The initial release of Mastercam 2024 will time out on August 10, 2023.


The pre-release warning was not removed from the release version of Mastercam 2024.


Mastercam 2024 Update 2 has addressed this issue. If you already have Mastercam 2024 installed, you can get this update from the downloads page on My Mastercam, from File – Help – Update within Mastercam 2024, or from the Windows Start menu – Apps – Mastercam 2024 – Check for Updates. If you do not have Mastercam 2024 installed yet, the new full installation includes Update 1 and Update 2.

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